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Fire Lite Design Studio creates unique web experiences that simply delight your customers.

Our core values are essential to how we work and live.


We stay true to our values.

Fire Lite Design Studio is open and honest with clients. We are straight-forward with our pricing and creative process to make sure our clients understand what they are getting.


We what we do.

Our team members eat-sleep-drink design (and code). We can't imagine life without Photoshop (or Linux). We love tinkering with the latest apps. We love building websites and applications that delight users. And don't be surprised... solving pain-staking problems is our joy!


Be in the "know."

We communicate and relay information throughout the process so you are always in the "know." We totally understand what it feels like to be left in the dark – it's a terrible feeling! Our team works hard to inform you as we go. We want you to be empowered. Fire Lite Design Studio provides the research and any critical information so that you can confidently make business decisions.


Thinking outside the box…

It's all about the "ahaa" moment! This only happens when we are free to think. When we are engaged with the client. When our minds are open to new ideas and possibilities outside of the everyday realm of understanding. This is how we break through and solve what others feel is unachievable.

Ignite thru Fire Lite

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