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Fire Lite Design Studio develops original branding and custom websites for shops and studios,
whether just starting up or growing stronger.

Our goal is to help artisans and small businesses stay competitive through design and technology.
Because the user and audience are always evolving and changing, we are always adapting and creating experiences in new ways.

We pride ourselves on staying true to our core values.
Our core values are integrated into who we are and how we do business.


We stay true to our values.

Fire Lite Design Studio is open and honest with clients. We are straight-forward with our pricing and creative process to make sure our clients understand what they are getting. We stay true to this value with our clients throughout the entire process because we take pride in our work.


We what we do.

Our founders literally spend every waking hour immersed in art and technology. Every dinner conversation, casual outing, new meeting somehow finds its way back to art and technology. Our dedicated team love their work and get excited about projects so deadlines are often met ahead of schedule and the passion of the team is easily evident in the quality of their designs and websites.


We don’t live in a bubble.

Fire Lite Design Studio is able to offer clients easy ways to communicate and relay information by opening various channels of communication throughout the creative process. The Fire Lite Team is able to generate a sense of community by keeping communication easy and extensive. We are proud to be considered your techie and artsy friends.


Thinking outside the box…

Wait, what box? At Fire Lite Design Studio we set aside time specifically for innovative design and engineering. We develop hobbies that encourage imagination and creative thinking; this way our creative minds stay sharp and ready for new ideas. Everyone, from our founders to our interns, is encouraged to flex their creative muscles whenever possible.

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