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1. Plan your needs

Ask yourself what type of images and services you require. Is it design work for your business logo, or is it your latest marketing campaign? Is it a one-time project or something ongoing?

2. Research designers

Search for graphic designers who are near you. Not only will this whittle down the search results to manageable levels, but it also makes it easier for you to meet and establish a relationship.

3. Interview and examine portfolios

Once you have found a few potential graphic designers, give them a call and ask about the types of services they provide, their training and their portfolio.

4. Learn your pro’s process

Graphic design can be a hands-on process, and you should be able to help make decisions and revisions along the way. Choose a designer who allows you to approve the content each step of the way.

5. Hire and finalize details

Meet with the graphic designer who shows the most promise. Discuss details of the project, including revisions, image trademark design services and ownership of the images.

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